Friday night is Expat Bingo night

It’s Friday night, which means that whether you live in Doha or Dundee* it’s the weekend. Thank whoever floats your boat for that.

So, given that I’m stuck here babysitting my own kids, Mrs LC is stuck in Doha and the readership of this blog seems to have gone thermonuclear today (hello, Facebook!) I thought we could have a traditional-night-out/in-with-a-twist: yes, it’s eyes down for a full house as we play… Expat Bingo!

This stems from an article I read earlier this week (Why it’s so hard to make Qatari friends) which was almost psychically explicit in terms of what awaits us newbies as we make our relocation debut. Turns out the next six months of my life are apparently about to unfold in gut-achingly predictable fashion.

I am seemingly doomed to become a living cliché: the cut-out-and-keep Expat.

And there’s a huge body of evidence to call upon. Just look at that statistic: 85% of Qatar’s 1.7m population aren’t Qataris. It’s a country of Expats.

Expat-ar, if you will.

No Country for Local Men.

I could go on, but we’re all busy people.

Anyway, the article quotes writer and long-time Qatar resident Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar, who thoughtfully tackled the issue in a recent blog post:

“I could predict in exactly what order, and what time of year, the topics [expats] would want to discuss.

A summary of the first six months of the expat: The heat, the traffic, lack of bookshelves, the medical test, grocery shopping, how to find the spouse a job, inconveniences of Ramadan, the construction, getting an RP, and buying a car.”

I don’t know what an RP is (so much to learn!) but rather than a moan, this seemed to me more like a challenge-in-waiting…

So with the help of (no, really) I made these for us all to play with. Now, where did I put my dabber..?

Two fat ladies, etc









*I don’t live in Dundee, but my home town isn’t alliterative, so what’s a boy to do?


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