Compare and contrast

Little City’s been up and running for a few weeks now, so let’s have a rummage in the virtual postbag to see what you, the reading public, make of it so far…

I eagerly await each fresh instalment of ‘one family’s adventures of relocation / separation / desert’ blah blah blah,” writes our first correspondent (Hi, mum!) “However, as with much of your work, I found it wanting. Specifically, in the ‘how’s it all going in Doha?’ department.


You’ve set up this dramatic dual-arc parallel narrative with the splintered family, and then totally failed to follow up on it,” observes Disappointed Screenwriter. “You promised us two stories. I want half my money back. At least.

Well, then. The public has spoken, and who am I turn my deaf ear towards their pleas?

So, without adding ‘draft a guest post’ to Mrs LC’s already burgeoning to-do list, I shall attempt a little compare and contrast exercise myself. After all, one of us hasn’t got work tomorrow.

(If* it helps to boost the excitement, imagine watching the word pictures I’m about to paint in a 24-style split-screen adrenaline-fuelled montage backed with this pulsating beat. You know you want to)

De rigeur in Doha this week…

Unseasonal weather extreme (Doha): sandstorms, bringing with them a dash of yes-you-live-in-the-desert-now style reality

Unseasonal weather extreme (Mud Island): Lashing it down. Arks under construction. Only dry place is Centre Court. As one Tweeter asked this week: Can’t we just fit the whole country with a retractable roof?

Doha: No house news (allocation) yet. Mrs LC’s already on her second flat though, after the air con in her first turned out to be more con than air, bringing with it another dash of yes-you-live-in-the-desert-now style reality

UK: No house news (selling) yet. If you’d like to buy a deceptively-spacious four bedroomed family home, step right up. Get it while it’s hot, lovely with a bit of jam, etc

Doha: Already full on, even though Mrs LC’s just started her job

England: Still full on, even though I’m about to leave mine

Social life
Doha: coffees, lunches, dinners, parties…

UK: Um…er… oh yeah, knew there was something… There was that time my mate Dave came over to watch the football the night after Mrs LC left. That was it.

Doha: Mrs LC hasn’t ventured out behind the wheel yet. Wondering if publication earlier in the week of this blog post is a coincidence?

Blighty: One car down, one to go. It might still be parked in my driveway awaiting collection, but it’s not mine any more, because I have sold my jamjar to, er, I’m not superstitious, but if you ask me if I retrieved my magnetic St Christopher before I handed over the keys, I’d have to say yes.

Things that wake you up at 3:30 in the a.m.
Doha: insomnia, daybreak

My house: five year old having scary dreams, leading to insomnia all the way through to daybreak

This week’s big attraction
Doha: ridiculously overblown spectacle featuring way too many people in lycra (Cirque du Soleil)

The South: ridiculously overblown spectacle featuring way too many people in lycra (Olympic Torch procession)

Not sure which has the more over zealous police presence, though.

So there we have it. Conclusive proof that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Keep the faxes and telegrams coming, world. Without you, we’re nothing.

*I know; unlikely, huh?


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