Guest intentions

In which a blogger goes on holiday; fearlessly blogs about cheese

My fellow Doha-resident and blogger, Rachel Morris, has led what she describes as “a well-travelled life”, which she documents over at the glamour-drenched pages of Life on the Wedge.

Ostensibly a blog about cheese, Rach writes about food and travel from her perspective as a turn-left-on-the-plane traveller.

A wedge of Brebis
A wedge of Brebis

Sadly, that’s not how Family Little City rolls.

But Rach was sufficiently intrigued when I told her I was going to be spending two weeks of my summer holiday with Mrs LC’s parents in rural France – the spiritual home of all things fromage – to suggest writing Wedge‘s first-ever guest post.

Eating things and writing about them sounded like my kind of brief, so I was thrilled to accept her challenge.

With thanks to Rach for the invitation, the fruits of my investigative efforts is Be My Brebis (whose subject was chosen purely for its pun potential).

Bon appetit!


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