Here All Year

There’s no need to hurtle headlong into the new year just yet, so let’s take one last look back at 2014

Happy new year, one and all. Welcome to 2015, which at first glance looks quite a bit like 2014 in disguise.

The Little City garden, January 1 2015
The Little City garden, January 1 2015

But before the year reveals its true colours, and while there’s still a smidge of optimism left in the air, like that stray bit of party popper in your hair from last night’s celebrations that you didn’t notice till lunchtime, I’d like to ask for your indulgence for a minute.

No, this isn’t the Little City equivalent of a telethon; I’m not after your money. But I would just like to say thanks for your time this past year. I’m well aware that other blogs are available, so I really appreciate those of you who’ve stopped by here.

International man of mystery

I may even have inadvertently met some of you in person, but unless you outright accuse me of writing this blog, the subject won’t come up.

Name badge
I’ll be sure to introduce myself properly next time

I’ve never been comfortable with the personal promotion side of this site, so it’s not become a habit I’ve developed. My British reserve is my cultural birthright and I’m not going to give it up that easily. (By my count, you only need to have one commission-based job in your career to prove how unsuited you are for a life in sales.)

A few weeks ago, for example, I actually met someone who later revealed themselves to be a self-confessed Little City “superfan”. It turns out that, before moving here earlier this year, she had “read every post twice” to get a better insight into life here. (I’m taking no responsibility for influencing that decision. It’s enough pressure that I was half responsible for moving my own family here.)

But, despite talking at length about a lot of the subjects I cover here (where to live, bureaucracy, traffic, all that stuff) I never once put on my salesman’s hat and suggested she check out my blog some time; she only made the connection after the fact.

I hope meeting us in person didn’t disappoint (although I do know she was surprised to discover that Mrs LC was not, as she had imagined, blonde). But having met me she is now probably well aware why I compose my thoughts over time using the written word.

Amusing as this episode was, it nevertheless reminded me of the value of recognizing those without whom this blog would be nothing at all – and that’s you, dear reader. I continue to be amazed by the engagement and feedback from you all.

Lies, damn lies and statistics

The folks at WordPress (the software which powers this site) sent me my latest annual report this week. Turns out that in 2014, more of you than ever before came here from an amazing 116 different countries, which boggles my mind.

Solomon Islands
The Solomon Islands. If my new reader here wants to invite me for a research trip, I’m listening

(All feedback is welcome, but a special shout out to my new readers in Guatemala, the Solomon Islands, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico and Armenia: thanks for stopping by. Do let me know what you’d like to see more or less of next year…)

Reflecting on another year steering the good ship Little City, I’ve perhaps underestimated the impact of perseverance.

The list of links on my homepage, which is regularly culled in order to try and keep it as relevant for visitors as possible, is a rolling testament to the temporary nature of expat life.

It’s changed a lot since I started. After all, my fellow bloggers do things like leave, leave, leave , leave, leave, go on hiatus, go on hiatus or go on hiatus… You get the picture.

If you want Qatar’s premier (ok, only) English-language-blog-written-by-a-dad-with-kids, then boy are you in for a treat.

So I’m going to be gentle with you today. We can get into full throttle blogging action next week, when everyone’s a bit more compos mentis.

I’ve got you covered

But if your head is a little sore, or you’re facing a big journey back to wherever you came from before the holidays (assuming you can still remember where that is) and you fancy checking out Little City’s greatest hits of 2014 on BLLC, the top five (as voted for you, with your actual traffic) looks like this:

Hit list

In 5th and 4th place are, er, four almost identically popular posts jockeying for position, depending on what day of the week it is:

And now, here’s your 2014 top 3, in traditional reverse order:

And your runaway winner for the year…

Gas and electricity bill
With perfect timing, it’s our gas / electricity bill. Happy new year to you, too, Kahramaa

A man can dream

So that’s it for another year.

Your questions and comments are always welcome; don’t forget to click Follow if you’re WordPress user, or subscribe to the email list.

My wish for 2015 is that I won’t need to write a third consecutive annual rant about the lack of cycling provision in this city, but that’s wildly unrealistic, so I’ll settle for world peace instead.

Happy new year!


3 thoughts on “Here All Year

  1. The Greek Pinay January 6, 2015 / 3:19 am

    I’d be on the lookout for Mr and Mrs LC then. 🙂

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